2Lt container with ice blade and lid. Used on the VM10089 for blending drinks or foods in combination with ice.2Lt



Vitamix is an industry expert when it comes to producing the best quality commercial blenders. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing blenders for food establishments of all kinds and sizes. All Vitamix commercial blenders are extremely reliable, versatile and produce consistent results over time. You can produce a wide range of drinks, smoothies, dips, and fruit blends with the help of a Vitamix blender. You can chop, grind, mix, and blend your fruits and vegetable hassle-free. Whether you own a high produce juice and smoothie bar, a multi-cuisine food establishment, a milkshake bar, or a café, investing in a commercial-grade food blender is a great idea. These blenders will save your time and energy and are a great investment.

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