3monkeez T-3M53058-C Compact Dual Hob Mount Pre-Rinse with 12″ Pot Filler

The 3monkeez range of tapware is perfectly suited for commercial kitchens, schools, canteens, bars, cafes, food processing facilities or any area that commercial tapware is required. The range includes Pre Rinse Units, Mixers, Hot Wash Reels, Sensor Taps, Bubblers, Pillar and Bib Taps and more.
• Full stainless steel construction
• Compact model designed for applications where space saving is a priority
• Equipped with a water saving 6 star 4LPM variable trigger valve
• Wall bracket included
• Available with 6 or 12 pot filler 3 star 8LPM
• Fully assembled and bench tested, with a unique traceable serial number
• Working pressure range 150kPa-500kPa
• Maximum operating temperature 80 degrees



At 3monkeez, we understand that building a great quality and reliable product is only part of the story. We provide an experience for our customers that exceeds expectations and makes us a trusted supplier of commercial plumbing and catering products across Australia. By putting people firrst our highly trained team can not only provide the right product and support, they also work closely with our customers to build long-lasting and rewarding relationships. Through our commitment to manufacturing exceptional products and offering an unmatched experience for our customers we always strive to exceed and reinvent customer expectations when it comes to dealing with 3monkeez.

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