Adler DWA3340 Glasswasher With Water Softener

Easy and user friendly during daily operations thanks to the new dimension of the buttons and the brightness of the LED lights, which are clearly visible and simplify the interaction between man and device, in order to reduce staff training time. The new LED lights facilitate reading even in low light work environment. Our dishwashers are specifically studied to reduce daily cleaning and maintenance operations time. Washing chamber is tube free, filters and wash arms are made in composite material to enhance access and removal. All service components are installed in front of the machine, accessible through an intelligent electrical drawer that further reduces service time.

  • Internal clearance 270mm
  • 2 Minute cycle
  • Double insulated door
  • Rinse aid and detergent pump
  • Digital temperature display
  • Stainless steel wash arms
  • Drain pump
  • Stainless steel inlet hose
  • Caleffi pressure control/ non return valve
  • Basket size 355mm x 430mm 1 supplied
  • Tank capacity 11lt – Element 2kw
  • Boiler capacity 3lt – Element 2.4kw
  • 3 HP wash pump
  • Inlet pressure 2 – 4 bar
  • Water consumption 1.5lt/cycle at 2 bar
  • Power: 2.8kW
  • Weight: 38 Kgs
  • Electric Connection: 1 Phase 15AMP
  • Dimensions: W480 x D515 x H838 mm

Adler is committed to protect the environment applying on its products new solutions to reduce water and energy consumptions. Today our dishwashers are more silent, thanks to robust and well insulated structure, and they contribute to reduce waste, thanks to the efficient wash cycles and the compact wash tank provided with the special dFilter system. As a result, less quantity of water needed to wash, less water and energy during the heating phase. Efficient rinse and detergent dispensers supplied, in order to optimise chemical dosing and reduce to the minimum the environmental contamination. Today our machines have reached very low level of water, energy and chemical consumption up to 45%* less than previous models. Our factory production ensures minimal environmental impact and maximum energy efficiency.
Saving costs of running and maintenance with efficient and green product is a must! Data and statistics talk clearly: the less the water consumption, the more the saving of energy and costs. Energy and chemical products can increase extremely running costs if wasted with a low efficiency washing system. For this reason we keep researching for innovative solutions. Today all components and systems used on our machines are more efficient and contribute to save running costs up to 45%* less than previous models.


Alder professional dishwashers

A commercial food establishment is incomplete without an efficient Adler commercial dishwasher or glasswasher. A high-quality commercial-grade glasswasher and dishwasher, which is durable, easy to use, and efficient, helps keep your energy, water, and labour cost down.

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