Ambrogio Sanelli SUPRA 26cm Bread Knife

MICRO Serrated for Ultimate Precision

Slice to perfection with Ambrogio Sanelli’s SUPRA 26cm MICRO serrated Bread Knife. Italian craftsmanship for your kitchen.

Experience the Art of Perfect Slices with Ambrogio Sanelli SUPRA Bread Knife 26cm – MICRO Serrated

Main Description:

Unveil the secret to perfect bread slices with the Ambrogio Sanelli SUPRA 26cm Bread Knife, a masterpiece from Italy, the land of over 250 bread types. Born from the innovative Bread 4D Project, this knife features a MICRO serrated blade, expertly designed to handle everything from the softest sponge cakes to the toughest hard crust loaves with unparalleled ease. Select your preferred blade and transform your bread cutting experience.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • MICRO Serrated Blade: Ideal for precision cutting, ensuring clean slices without crushing the bread.
  • Versatile Cutting: From delicate pastries to robust loaves, enjoy versatility at its best.
  • Italian Craftsmanship: Made in Italy, a testament to quality and durability.
  • Blade Length: 26cm, perfectly sized for various types of bread and cakes.

Customer Benefits:

  • Precision and Ease: Achieve perfect, effortless slices every time, enhancing your culinary presentations.
  • Choose Your Cut: With options for 4 different serrations, find the ideal blade for every type of bread.
  • Durable and Reliable: Invest in a tool that brings Italian quality to your kitchen for years to come.
  • Comfortable Handling: Designed for ease and efficiency, making your baking and cooking process smoother.

Elevate your kitchen arsenal with the Ambrogio Sanelli SUPRA Bread Knife. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cooking enthusiast, this knife promises to revolutionize the way you slice bread.


Ambrogio Sanelli

Innovative range of professional knives with handles made of two different materials and blades manufactured with special NITRO-B stainless steel with nitrogen (1.4916). This new handle has a PP core, strongly connected with the stainless steel, coated with a thick layer of a softer SEBS. The two parts are moulded together to form a perfectly solid handle and the external grey layer has ergonomic protruding dots to enhance anti-slip properties, for the maximum comfort and efficiency. All materials are non-toxic, sterilizable, dishwasher safe, resistant to high and low temperatures and complying with the most updated EU regulations for items intended to be in contact with food.


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