The Anets Goldenfry range now includes a wide variety of tube fryers using the inverted burner design to deliver efficiency and fast recovery.

  • Goldenfry tube fryer filter systems come standard with AGG14R 4 gas tube millivolt control fryers banked together
  • Millivolt control – 2 fryer filter drawer system
  • Easy two step filtering
  • 30 litre per minute filter pump for fast refill times
  • Self aligning filter connection for effortless hookup
  • Rear oil return for bottom cleaning
  • Filter pan is stainless with rear wheels for easy handling
  • Filter pan lid is self storing and out of the way
  • All filtration systems come standard on adjustable height castors
  • and with Washdown/discharge hose
  • Box of 100 envelope papers
  • Starter sample pack of filter powder
  • Lids
  • Clean out rod and brush
  • Energy load 258Mj/hour
  • Overall dimensions 794 x 876 x 1172mm.


Anets Commercial Fryers

Only ANETS fryers are studded with row upon row of high-performance, copper-flashed heat exchangers to maintain direct heat transfer to the fry pot.

Product Data

Anets GoldenFry Tube | Millivolt Control 2 Fryer Filter Drawers System FDAGG214R

Anets GoldenFry Tube | Millivolt Control  Filter System Brochure 

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