Pasta cooker made of AISI 304 stainless steel, 20/10 mm thickness top.
Pressed wells made in AISI 316L stainless steel well, front overflow drain outlet with stainless steel shelf, baskets not included.
Well filling through a knob on the dashboard and a dispensing spout on the top.
Heating by burners controlled by safety valve.

Working voltage .
Net Weight 78 kg
Gross Weight 100 kg
Packing Width 86 cm
Packing Height 130 cm
Packing Depth 82 cm
Width 80 cm
Height 90 cm
Depth 72 cm
Gas Power 24 kW
Gas diameter 1/2
Gas supply height 15 cm
Hot water diameter 1/2
Hot water connection height 15 cm
Water drain diameter 1
Water drain height 15 cm
Dimensions 80x72x90 cm
Packing 86x82x130 cm


Angelo Po

Angelo Po’s first century and the catering of tomorrow

Every destination is really only a milestone in our journey. So turning 100 is a precious opportunity to rediscover our unique history and let it inspire us to face the challenges of the future. After a whole century in business, Angelo Po is still doing what it has always done, although with renewed energy: imagining how to improve the catering of tomorrow.

A more and more global brand

Angelo Po has become an internationally important brand, up to tackling the challenges of a larger and larger market: a specialist in the entire kitchen system, known to and appreciated by the catering market worldwide for its sound commercial network and ever-deepening integration of technical know-how and industrial automation, product efficiency and quality of design.

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