Anvil PMA1040 40 Quart Mixer with Timer

Anvil’s 40 Quart Mixers are designed specifically for heavy duty mixing applications. The grease packed ball bearing and air cooled motor ensure quiet and efficient continuous operation.
• Ideal for convenience stores, bakeries and supermarkets
• Comes standard with mixing bowl, wire whisk, dough hook and spatula
• 3 fixed speeds with easy speed shifting
• Powerful 1.5HP air cooled motor
• Direct drive 100% gear driven transmission
• Safety guard stainless steel
• 1.5HP motor
• 3 attachments supplied: whisk, hook and paddle
• Speeds: 127/261/478 rpm
Volume Guide:
• Mashed Potatoes: 13kg
• Waffle/Pancake Mix: 16lt
• Pound Cake Mix: 20kg
• Bread/Roll Dough: 10kg

  • Speeds: 127/261/478 rpm
  • Power: 1.125kW
  • Weight(kg): 238
  • Dimensions: W610 x D660 x H1270 mm

Commercial planetary mixers from Anvil are built with an offset shaft that revolves within the mixing bowl while the bowl itself remains stationary.

Its efficient design allows it to reach flour, sugar, and butter in all parts of the bowl without leaving areas of unmixed ingredients. You can choose from light, medium, or heavy-duty applications depending on your workload and how frequently you’ll use it. These mixers also come with a range of speeds so that you can mix your bread dough, cake batter, or mashed potatoes without any hassle.

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Anvil Australia is a commercial foodservice product manufacturing company. Their list of products includes Fridges, Freezers, Cake Displays, Pizza Prep Fridges, and Glass Door Drink Fridges. Being one of the well-known global distinguishing restaurateurs, Anvil is known for its high-quality products.

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