Bromic IM0065SSC Self Contained Solid Cube Ice Machine 59Kg/24Hr

Bromic’s Self-Contained 59kg Solid Cube Ice Machine provides premium quality cubes that are perfect for beverage-focused applications.

Individually creating large, crystal clear cubes that maximise liquid displacement while cooling quickly, this self-contained unit excels underneath or above counters and are available in a range of sizes.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Low power and water consumption
  • 3 Year parts warranty
  • 1 Year labour warranty
  • Ice Cube Size: 22W x 22D x 22H mm
  • Max Ambient Temp: °C40
  • Ice Production (kg/24hrs): 59
  • Internal Ice Storage Capacity: 33kg
  • Refrigeration Power: 650W
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Water Consumption: 9(L/h)
  • Legs: 89mm
  • Weight: 74Kgs
  • Dimensions: W670 x D595 x H892 mm

Bromic Refrigeration has a range of self-contained solid cube ice machines such as the IM0065SSC model. With a compact design, this superb ice machine is ideal for small-space applications such as coffee shops and bars. Removable legs and a simple box-type design allow you to place the machine in tight spaces whilst keeping a streamlined workspace.

With a maximum daily output of 59kgs, the IM0065SSC unit surprisingly consumes low power and water resources. It produces crystal clear ice cubes for sterile cooling suitable for beverage-focused applications, from serving liquor “on the rocks” to blending fruit shakes.

Stainless steel construction means corrosion resistance and higher durability, as well as simple and fast cleaning. Operating the machine is simple with a user-friendly electric PCB controller. Furthermore, Agion-treated materials with antimicrobial properties make the IM0065SSC Ice Machine a worthy piece of investment, especially in the food service business where hygiene is top priority.



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