Bromic UF0374SDS Solid Door 300L Upright Storage Freezer

  • Manual Defrost – Static Freezing
  • Lockable castors make movement and placement easy
  • Solid insulated steel door minimizes heat ingress
  • Refrigeration integrated into all 6 fixed shelves for even cooling
  • Temperature range: -19°C to -14°C
  • Colour: Black & White
  • Refrigerant: R404a
  • Max Ambient Temp: 35°C
  • Refrigeration Power (W) 270
  • No of Shelves: 6
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Capacity: 300L
  • Weight: 79.5Kgs
  • Power Supply: 10Amp
  • Dimensions: W595 x D600 x H1925 mm

The UF0374SDS-NR 300L Single Door Upright Storage Freezer combines sleek looks and super functional features. The vertical design allows it to stand tall and save space – perfect for those tight corners. Refrigeration is integrated into all 6 fixed shelves for even cooling. This freezer is equipped with front lockable castors that make moving and placing it a breeze. Its solid build and insulated coated-steel exterior minimise temperature loss. Thanks to this and the use of natural refrigerant, the unit consumes less energy to maintain stable temperature inside the fridge, earning it a solid 7-star rating for its energy efficiency. In addition, this storage freezer can be decalled to maximise brand visibility.

  • Ensure the condenser is cleaned periodically as per the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Do not plug the unit into multi-plug power boards with other appliances.
  • All Freezers & Refrigerators can condensate in a high humidity environment.
  • Condensation can form on the cabinet’s exterior, interior, doors frames & glass.
  • The condensation can build up & possibly drip on the floor in some circumstances.
  • Room ventilation or air conditioning can improve the situation by reducing the humidity.

This sleek looking piece of equipment doesn’t just make an impression, it’s functional as well. The horizontal design allows it to stand tall and save space-perfect for those tight corners. Its solid and insulated coated steel doors minimise heat ingress. They are also reversible, providing ease of access and flexibility when retrieving items from inside the freezer. Refrigeration is integrated into all 6 fixed shelves for even cooling. It also features front lockable castors that make movement and placement easy.



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