Cookrite Gas 4 Burner Cooktop With Stand |AT80G4B-F

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Heavy duty constructed frame
• Heavy duty burners & standby pilots
• Flame failure
• American Robert Shaw valves & controls
• Stainless steel burners
• Constructed in 304 stainless steel
• ¾ inch pipe gas inlet
• 4 stainless steel screws on adjustable legs designed to sit on a bench
• Removal drip tray
• Manual controls
• Easy manual ignition to all burners
• Independent burner controls
• Heavy duty black matt trivets
• Available in NG & LPG
• Corrosion resistant & easy to maintain & keep clean
• Stands to suit all griddles available in stainless steel
• 2 years parts & labour warranty Australia wide

If you are in the food business or about to step into it, you require a ship of cooking types of equipment. As per your menu, rush hours and staff skills, you have to narrow down your requirements. One of the most underrated equipment is a Gas stove.

Its commercial version is comprised of burners and base. It is either driven by electricity, gas or induction. You can choose a two, three, four-burner gas stove. This will depend on how many dishes you require to prepare at the same time. The base of the gas stove can be a storage cupboard or refrigerator. Or it can be nothing so that you can place it on your kitchen shelf.

The individual areas that heat up on a range are burners. Burners on gas stoves are needed to heat the cookware. Cooking, heating, shallow frying, tossing and many such tasks of food preparation are carried out on gas stoves.

Always look for a ventilation system when it comes to choosing a gas stove. Ask your commercial gas stove supplier to accommodate a ventilation system. Usually, the heating gets too much you need an exhaust system to throw the extra heat out of the kitchen.

Gas char  grill (rock)is an equipment that is used to for bar-be-que. It comes with four, three and two ignition knobs to suit all kinds of requirements. Available in tabletop.

Types of Gas used in Commercial Gas Stoves

Natural Gas (NG) – Natural Gas comes to the stove burner through a pipe. It weighs lighter than air. Normally, the gas and electric company supply natural gas. It comes into your area of requirement through a pipe.

Liquid Propane (LP) – Liquid Propane is heavier than air. It stays close to the ground with a gas leak. Your property should have a propane tank to store propane which will be supplied. You will require this tank to refill to keep your business going.

Easy ways to keep your gas stoves clean and hygienic

Your cooking area requires to be clean so that it does not get contaminated. Just keep the following in mind and you will be sorted:

  1. Follow the instruction manual– Your instruction manual will be carrying some do’s and don’t’s while maintaining the equipment. Read carefully and follow them. You may call your agency or supplier and seek guidance on the same.
  2. Set a schedule for cleaning– Your gas stove will give a maximum output when kept clean at regular intervals. Accumulation of grease will reduce its productivity and performance which you can’t afford. Make sure you create a weekly and monthly cleaning schedule. And your staff should follow it strictly.
  3. Switch off and let cool– Before you start the cleaning process, make sure the knobs are turned off and the burners are cool. Even the components need to cool down before you start cleaning.
  4. Use this to clean– Soft cloth, mild water and soap to clean the burners and other components. If the instruction manual says something besides, then pay attention to it. Use of strong chemicals can harm the surface and can hamper the longevity factor of the stove.
  5. Clean the spills then and there– If you pay attention to spills at a regular interval, you can stop the contamination of bacteria and other harmful microbes. While using acidic food or sauces, you must pay heed.

Still, if you are unable to clean the gas stove [properly, reach out to your supplier or agency customer care. Small corrections made at the earliest can protect you from large losses in future.

Buy Australia’s best Commercial Gas Stoves from Commercial Kitchen Equipment

CKE  has been a prominent supplier of Refrigeration, Stainless steel bench, Gas stoves, Benchtop catering equipment, Steel Hood and many catering types of equipment. The captain of the CKE ship is resonated with an experience of over two decades, we stretch distribution and supplying commercial catering types of equipment Australia wide.

The team at CKE comes with a wide bandwidth of understanding the requirements of such types of equipment. This has made us our clients’ most preferred supplier and distributor. Our team members not only handle inquiries but also guide you in the buying process. We have earned a reputation for delivering excellent quality at the best prices in New Zealand and Australia.

We provide a 2 + 2 years warranty. This includes 2 years warranty for parts and two years warranty on labour and parts. This facilitates ease and a no-stress factor for the buyer during the purchase. We come with a huge billboard of equipment includes a complete range of Pizza prep, Bar freezers, preparation refrigeration, under counter refrigeration, ice makers, cake displays, char grills, mixers, stainless steel sinks, benches, shelves, & benchtop/catering equipment. We have the best commercial Gas Stoves for sale.

Our team of experts are well-versed in handling inquiries and guiding you through your purchase. The design of the products is professionally curated keeping in mind the modernization of several industries and delivering maximum productivity in the most compact space.

Our sales team spread its wings in major metro cities of Australia-  at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, New Castle & Canberra. Our team is known for its spontaneous service and response to calls and concerns.

Gas burners with an oven are multi-purpose equipment that takes care of not only cooking or shallow frying the food but also of your baking needs. You can perform several tasks with this heavy-duty equipment. Buy now. 

Features of Commercial Gas Stoves

  • Heavy-duty constructed frame to serve the commercial environment
  • Heavy load sharing burners with standby pilots
  • American Robert Shaw valves and controls
  • Stainless steel burners
  • Cast in 304 stainless steel
  • ¾ inch pipe gas inlet
  • Four stainless steel screws on adjustable legs designed to sit on a bench
  • Removable drip tray
  • Manual controls
  • Convenient and easy manual controls
  • Easy and convenient manual ignition to all burners
  • Heavy-duty black matt trivets
  • Available in Natural Gas and Liquified Petroleum Gas
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple to clean
  • Stands suit all types of griddles made of stainless steel
  • 2 Years warranty on parts and labour + extended 2 years warranty on only parts (when registered online)

*All catering types of equipment  are CE certified and that we take care of the safety, environmental protection, and health standards of the products .

Commercial Gas deep fryers are an excellent choice for bulk frying of french fries, fish and other similar food items. 

Why should you opt for Commercial Kitchen Equipment:

  • Decked up with substantial expertise in commercial catering
  • Variety of products to facilitate the ever growing demand
  • Warranty across entire Australia- for eg. Services, parts of equipment, labour, etc.
  • Designs are exceptional to accommodate maximum in a suitable space. It also enhances the look and feel of your commercial space.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Head Office is stationed in Sydney. We deliver commercial gas stoves in Perth, Sydney, and major metro cities in Australia. Products sold at Simco Catering Equipments facilitate Australian standards and guidelines. We come with a good number of delivery options to cater to quick delivery with safety.

Weight 42.5 kg
Dimensions 700 × 610 × 332 mm



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