Frymax EF-28LE 28L Oil Capacity Electric Fryer 400 wide

EF-28LE – Electric Fryer With Cold Zone

Temp. 50 to 200ºc

Recommended Oil Capacity: 28 Litres

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Two Baskets
  • Cold Zone
  • Very Fast Recovery
  • High-effect heating tube
  • Safe oil drain valve
  • Over-temperature protector
  • Single Stainless Steel Vat
  • Come With Vat Lid
  • The electro-thermal pipe can turn upward which is convenient to clean
  • Sturdy Adjustable Feet
  •  One Year Parts and Labour Warranty

The FED EF-28LE Frymax Deep Fryer Single Pan with 2 baskets is an exceptional appliance that enables the preparation of impeccable fried fish, chips, and other delicacies. Its remarkable output capacity facilitates the effortless serving of substantial quantities of crispy fried food, making it an ideal choice for restaurants, takeaways, and similar establishments. The Frymax single tank fryer is a reliable and powerful device that ensures consistent and efficient performance. Moreover, its sturdy stainless steel construction and oil drainage valve make cleaning a hassle-free task after service.




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