With more than 75 years of experience and a number of important patents, HALLDE is one of the world leading companies, within the development and manufacture of commercial food preparation machines. HALLDE manufactures four types of machine categories for professional use: Vegetable Preparation Machines, Vertical Cutter Mixer/ Blenders, Combi Cutters and Blenders with the following focus in mind.– use with appropriate 3 mm–10 mm Slicers or 8 mm-10 mm Soft Slicers 

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Hallde is in business for 80 years and is currently one of the leading companies around the world manufacturing and delivering commercial food processors to commercial kitchens. The brand manufactures high-quality food processing units, including vegetable preparation machines, combi cutters, vertical cutter mixer/ blenders, and blenders. They believe in delivering outstanding quality, exemplary safety, user-friendly design solutions with great ergonomics, wide preparation range, very high capacity, perfect cutting results, fast and easy cleaning, steady operating position, and easy moving and practical storing.


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