Hoshizaki FM-750AKE Flake Ice Machine 650Kg/Day Head Only

This modular ice maker produces flake ice, which is often used for producing display of fish, fresh food and bottled beverages. In the medical field, flake ice is also used for organ transportation. Utilising the most efficient ice making process due to the unique auger system, water consumption is equal to ice production.

Production Capacity per 24hours: Approx. 530kg @ 32°C Air temp; 21°C Water / Approx. 650kg @ 21°C Air temp; 15°C Water
“Freeze Burn” is no longer an issue when displaying fresh fish or produce
Carbon auger bearings have a longer life expectancy than roller bearing, reducing maintenance costs
Automatic flush function, helps keep the ice making system clean
Controller board with Operational Status display assists in trouble shooting
Due to the auger system, water consumption is equal to ice production
Air Cooling
Refrigerant: R404A
Power: 1 Phase 220-240V 50Hz / 15 Amp Plug
Warranty: 2 year parts & labour on entire unit, 5 year (parts only) on compressor & air cooled condenser coil
Dimensions (mm): 762w x 700d x 780h



Hoshizaki is the world’s leading brand in ice makers with a reputation for creating the world’s best ice. Hoshizaki expertise also covers commercial refrigerators, commercial freezers and sushi cabinets. Our professional food service refrigeration units are the #1 choice for food freshness and display. Our superior reliability ensures customers can depend on our products day in, day out, year after year and our product engineering, manufacture quality control and quality of internal components are what make Hoshizaki products the industry standard. Hoshizaki designed and developed Japan’s first fully automatic ice maker and from this pioneering base, we have an ice-making and refrigeration product range that exceeds expectations in the demanding sectors of food, beverage, bars and restaurants, bio-science, healthcare and education.

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