Icematic MC140 210kg Single Cart Ice Transportation System

Ice transportation system.
210kg ice storage bin with transport system cart.
Hopper has 137kg storage capacity.
Complete with 1 x cart (73kg storage capacity) and 6 x totes.

884 mm Width
1025 mm Depth
1343 mm Height

3 months parts
3 months labour

Heavy duty and elegant storage bins in stainless steel, fully insulated with shock-proof door and included spade.

• Stainless steel exterior for both storage and frame. • Frame can be pre-assembled or shipped as a kit. In this case, castered ice cart is loaded within the ice storage compartment, for reduced freight and storage costs.
• Pre-cut top panel, to accommodate multiple Icematic icemakers.
• Ice falls from ice machine into storage compartment, with hygienic polyethylene interior, which is easy to clean. It is allowed into the shuttle carts through a guillotine-style dosage system, first in – first out fashion, for assured ice freshness.
• To accelerate flow during ice extraction, ice paddle (and hanging bracket) are available standard
• Polyurethane insulation assures long periods of ice storage, reducing ice melt.
• Load resistant, stainless steel adjustable legs, have flanged feet for stability and easy of height adjustment.
• Cart with drain system when parked under the storage, each Ice Storage and Shuttle System is shipped with it’s own Shuttle cart(s).
• Ice Shuttle handle-bar is in 304 stainless steel, for ease of steering and durability. Six ice totes (accessory) fit conveniently in the Shuttle cart(s), and may be covered with the shuttle lids for longer storage periods



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