ICEMATIC MH302-A 300kg High Production Half Dice Ice Machine

Thanks to a continuous and regular flow.

the water is distributed on a refrigerated surface designed to increase ice production.

Innovative and linear design, great reliability and easy to use.

Easy maintenance, this ice-maker series represents the best solution for high demanding ice needs.

Harvest assisted 300kg production per 24hr

Harvest assisted high production modular ice maker.
Up to 300kg production per 24/hr of 6g Half dice cube.
Head only, stainless steel cabinet.
Rainbow Technology standard to reinforce and to preserve the evaporator.
Complete with water and drain hoses.
10 AMP power supply.

Founded in 1963, Icematic are creators of the finest Italian ice makers. Through the adoption of innovative technical solutions and forward thinking, Icematic has remained one of the most important players in the world ice maker market. Icematic’s machines can make ice in several shapes: Ice hole, Ice cube, Ice flake, and Ice nugget.

Thanks to a continuous and regular flow, the water is distributed on a refrigerated surface designed to increase ice production. Three different sizes are available FULL DICE, HALF DICE and LARGE DICE

Full and compact ice cube, with rounded surface for a prolonged beverage cooling. Transparent and solid, this kind of ice is extremely elegant and performing, highly appreciated for its versatility. Particularly indicated to cool down “on the rocks” whisky, cocktails and aperitives. ZP Series uses R 290 gas allowing the increase of efficiency and sustainability respecting the strictest anti-pollution rules.

Full modular cubes icemakers range with vertical evaporator and sleek design. The M Series offers a high productivity with an extreme easiness of use. Full stainless-steel body, easy to inspect. This icemakers line represents the best solution for all needs of high volumes of ice. They can be matched with the wide choice of Icematic storage bins. All these features make the M series ideal for fast-food, restaurants with high turnover and those activities needing large volumes of ice in short time. These icemakers are available with three different ice cube sizes LARGE, DICE e HALF-LARGE. The range includes also R 290 refrigerating gas machines, increasing efficiency and environmental compliance as 100 % natural and sustainable. The M Series is the ideal solution for users demanding maximal productivity and great flexibility

Dimensions 620 × 760 mm




760 mm Width
620 mm Depth
575 mm Height


24 months parts
24 months labour




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