• Automatic hood

  • Easier to operate

  • Shorter wash cycles

  • Better indoor air quality

  • Optimum washing and drying results

  • 505 mm clear passing height – perfect for larger items of washware

    The passing height of 505 mm means that it can comfortably handle large and bulky washware. That is how the double hood type dishwashing machine gets pots, pans and trays washes with no problem. The M-iClean HXL features a double hood and, yes, it is heavy, but the machine makes such light work of moving it that you do not break a sweat. The M-iClean HXL is all about time savings and efficiency.

    Product Description

    • Capacity: Up to 120 baskets/hr
    • Entry height: 440 mm
    • Double Basket Dish
    • Fully insulated hood as standard
    • Fully electronic control systems
    • Space-saving compact design
    • AktivPlus drain filter system for excellent wash results
    • Stainless Steel wash and rinse arms – top & bottom
    • Rinse aid pump as standard
    • Self-cleaning program for easy, hygienic cleaning of the wash chamber
    • Deep drawn wash tank with coved corners
    • Aqua Stop system with base drip tray
    • Integral Class ’A’ air gap
    • Tank capacity: 54 Litres
    • Basket dimension: 2 x 500 x 500 mm
    • Programme cycle: 60; 90; 210 s
    • Theoretical basket capacity: 120; 80; 34 baskets /hr
    • Final rinse: 5.2 L/basket
    • Built-in boiler: 10?C feed water temperature: 18 kW
    • Pump motor: 2 x 0.75kW
    • Tank heating: 4.0 kW
    • WARRANTY: 12 months Parts and Labour
    • Power: 400V/3P; 19.9kW
    • Dimensions: 1180 x 750 x 1470mm(H)
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Dimensions 750 × 1180 × 1570 mm


MEIKO Commercial Dishwasher

Discover the full range of Meiko professional warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology. You can choose between features such as a single or double rack commercial dishwasher and compact or full sized commercial dishwashers. Meiko under bench and passthrough dishwashers are the most recommended industrial dishwashers in Australia. We ship across Australia: Meiko Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle & Wollongong.

Additional Data





Rack dimension 2 x 500 x 500 mm (540 x 500) mm
Passing height 505 mm
Dimensions (W x Hmin x D) 1180 (1270) x 1570 x 750 (800) mm
Programme cycle 60 / 90 / 210 s
Rack capacity/h (theoretical) 120 / 80 / 34 racks/h
Tank filling 54,0 l
Rinse water volume 4,8 liters/cycle
Total connected load 20,1 kW
Local fuse protection 32 A
Boiler heating 18.00 kW / 26.00 A
Tank heating 8.00 kW / 17.00 A
Wash pump 0.75 kW / 4.60 A
Protection class of the machine IP X5


csm Label Qualitaet f8363ebd38 1

We trust our technology. You have our word.

The proof is our 60 month warranty on all electrical and mechanical components of the automatic hood system on all M-iClean H hood type dishwashers. That is a safe investment in reliability for you!


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