Polar GH333-A G-series Single Door Saladette Preparation Counter The Best Product For You

Looking for a way to speed up your busy lunch service?

Then the Polar G-series saladette fridge will be the best product for you.
Thanks to the stainless-steel material this fridge is easy to clean whilst being highly durable against the general wear and tear of the catering environment ¿ helping you to save time and money.

Also, the powerful fan-assisted cooling system helps to keep the food at the optimum temperature helping to reduce the risk of cross contamination or potential food poisoning.

Boasting the clear, digital controller allows your staff to change the settings to suit the items being stored, so you can produce high quality food for customers.

And the strong polypropylene chopping board means your staff can quickly and easily chop ingredients without having to move to a different work station, saving time during the busy periods of service.

Featuring the hardwearing compressors create a strong commercial construction making it easy to be used in the demanding professional environments.

Including the versatile 1/1 gastronorm compatibility allows your chefs immediate access to their most-needed ingredients, making a fantastic option for quickly boxing or plating up meals. gh333 gseries silver undercounter fridge

Product features

  • Intuitive digital control panel with always-on display
  • Time-saving easy-clean stainless steel construction
  • Durable saladette top allows rapid access to ingredients
  • Strong polypropylene chopping board
  • Automatic defrost maximises efficiency and cooling performance
  • Capacity 109Ltr
  • Dimensions 857.5(H) x 438(W) x 700(D)mm
  • Refrigerant R600a
  • Temperature Range 2°C to 8°C
  • Voltage 230V


Polar Refrigeration

Then the Polar Refrigeration and blast chiller will be the product for you. Thanks to the compact design this blast chiller can free-up valuable storage space while helping your kitchen comply with the food safety legislation, making it the perfect choice for caterers with limited space.

spec sheet

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