• Ideal solution for keeping large volumes of cooked rice warm (keeps rice warm only)
  • Capacity: 9.6 Ltr (55 portion)
  • Non-stick coated bowl
  • Stainless steel body and lid
  • Spoon included
  • Steam drainage system with catchment container for emptying

The Robalec Rice Warmer keeps rice that is already cooked, warm until it’s served. The benefit of a stand alone rice warmer is that it frees up your rice cooker to enable further production of rice. The SW9600 has a large 55 portion capacity so it’s possible to have large volumes of rice available for your peak periods.

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Robalec soup warmers and electric rice cookers for restaurants are made with top quality materials and are safe to use. You can easily prepare rice dishes and soups with these equipment. Robalec is a commercial kitchen equipment brand under Roband Australia. Be it Chinese cuisine, Thai cuisine, Japanese cuisine or Indian cuisine, Roband Australia understands the need for rice preparation and provides quality solutions.

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