Fry now and serve later! This unit enhances productivity by providing an area to conveniently hold fried product so the fryers can keep production running in the kitchen. The Culinaire Chip Dump is designed to keep cooked product at a constant temperature with two 500 watt infra heat lamps above the product. The 100mm deep curved perforated crumb tray aids serving and helps to aerate the product. The Chip Dump fits nicely into any fryer line up. Utilising the same look and feel of a standard Anets fryer, the Chip Dump system is a static unit without frying capabilities.

  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Removal heat lamp assembly for easy of cleaning
  • Dimensions of 400 x 790 x 1345mm
  • Rated at 1kW – 10 Amp G


Anets Commercial Fryers

Only ANETS fryers are studded with row upon row of high-performance, copper-flashed heat exchangers to maintain direct heat transfer to the fry pot.

Product Data

Anets Culinaire Chip Dump CH.CD

Anets Culinaire Chip Dump CH.CD User Manual 

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