Element EWZ-1SP Compact Waterless Stockpot Boiler 600mm Wide

  • Space saving 800mm depth
  • Suitable for use with the Luus 165lt stockpot
  • Duckbill burners ideal for adjusting flame strength
  • Air gap design eliminates need for water cooling
  • Cast iron trivet aids airflow and burner combustion
  • Machine pressed deck to prevent grime catchment
  • Concealed ring lip prevents water from entering air gap
  • Rear laundry arm with front panel controls
  • Optional Chimney Burners no additional cost
  • 12 months parts & labor Warranty
  • Quarter turn water control lever
  • Front gutter design for easier cleaning
  • Zinc-aluminum Alloy burner handles
  • Dimensions; 600mm x 800mm x 1300mm H
  • Weight 85kg
  • Gas 3/4” BSP male – 90 Mj

The Element EWZ-1SP Compact Waterless Stockpot Boiler presents a stylish and space-efficient 800mm stockpot range, designed for kitchens with restricted space.
As part of the feature-packed WZ series, these stockpots boast air cooling, a seamlessly integrated one-piece top, cast-iron trivet, robust 90mj duckbill burners, and can be tailored with one or two holes.
Their proficiency in quickly bringing large pots to a boil and facilitating all-day simmering through heat adjustment makes them a perfect choice for compact kitchen configurations.


LUUS Commercial Catering Equipment

Luus Industries are a family-owned Melbourne based company who design and manufacture equipment for the hospitality industry. Luus cooking equipment is certified Australian Made, and boasts an extensive range of both Western and Asian specific professional equipment.

spec sheet

EWZ-1SP Compact Stockpots 600 Spec Sheet


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