ELOMA JOKER 6-11 MT TC-RH 6 x 1/1GN Compact Electric Combi Oven with MultiTouch Controls and Right Hand Hinged Door

JOKER COMPACT Series electric direct steam combi oven with right hand hinged door.
6 x 1/1 GN capacity with top mounted 7 inch MultiTouch Display control module.
Includes fresh steam system for perfect steam generation inside the cavity.
Complete with core temperature probe, inbuilt automatic washing system, 5 speed fan, triple glazed door with LED lighting, HACCP data logging and a 5 micron water filter.
Temperature range 30°C – 300°C.
3 phase, 7.8kW power supply.
Width x depth x height in mm: 520 x 805 x 693

  • Configuration options based on actual requirements
    CAPACITY Maximum use of space with minimum external dimensions, with a cooking chamber 44 cm wide and 40 cm high
    FLEXIBILITY Selectable control position, based on available space
    DESIGN Form follows function. Clean lines, clear touch screen, simple operation

12 operating modes

 Changing settings during operation
 7″ capacitive screen  Cancel preheating during operation
 USB interface  Internal core temperature sensor with 4 measuring points Last® 20
 Supply air/exhaust air Program list with 400 programs with 20 steps each:
 Frequency converter
 Program search
 LED/triple glazing
 Displaying and filtering menu groups
 Quick-action door closure
 Displaying and filtering product groups
 Adjustable air deflector Favourites list:
 6-11 EHG 5+1 with 67mm distance
 Favourites search
 Inner and outer housing made of rustproof stainless steel
 Displaying and filtering menu groups
 Seamless hygienic cooking chamber
 Displaying and filtering product groups
 IPX 5 (resistant to water jets) Special programs: Start-up Settings  Low-temperature cooking Manual cooking / Manual baking  Delta-T cooking o Temperature, adjustable between 30°C – 300°C – to the exact degree  Regeneration o Time, adjustable up to 24 hours, including continuous operation  Hold o Core temperature, adjustable between 20°C – 100°C – to the exact degree  Defrosting o Humidity can be exactly adjusted between 0 – 100%  Fermentation o Humidification, adjustable in ml or over time Weekly programming PRO o Automatic off time in accordance with the steam injection quantity Multi Cooking PRO o Manual steam injection Cool Down function: Auto-Temp (default setting)  Steptronic® Cool Down function: Adjustable Manual Temp  Step overview Cleaning & Care – manual cleaning supported  Alphanumeric memory function with image and sound selection Settings & Service  Favourites marking during the saving process  Language setting in 25 languages  Menu group marking during the saving process  Time and date setting  Product group marking during the saving process  Keyboard setting: 6 different versions  Bar and product code marking during the saving process  Data and HACCP logging and display  ADC – Active dehumidification in 5 stages  Automated cleaning and maintenance notices  Fan speed in 5 increments  Automatic switching between standard time and daylight saving time  Timed fan speeds  Password manager  Preheating with temperature specification, adjustable and adaptable  Sound manager  E/2 energy saving function  Image manager  SPS® – Steam Protection System  Program manager PRO  Timer function: Input of start and end time  Setting options  Display of actual/target temperature  Standby image and time setting  Display of the actual core temperature  Display setting: light or dark  Cooking time extension  Start screen setting  Repeat mode  Setting and customisation options (Quick Modes/Direct Modes)  Drying phase freely selectable

Dimensions 805 × 520 × 693 mm



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