Eswood SW500 Smartwash Undercounter Automatic Dishwasher

  • Eswood SW500 Smartwash Automatic Dishwasher
  • Drain pump fitted as standard
  • User-friendly ONE TOUCH control panel with digital wash and rinse temperature displays for easy HACCP recording
  • Built-in detergent and rinse aid dispensers fitted as standard
  • Supplied with 500 x 500mm plate rack, glass rack & cutlery container
  • Embossed runners for easy internal clean
  • Up to 500 x 350mm plates per hour. Up to 2000 glasses per hour
  • Three wash cycles of 90, 120 & 180 seconds
  • Extra special 6 minutes “scrub cycle” for more soiled product
  • Supplied with power cord, water & drain hoses, detergent, rinse aid & drain pumps.
  • Simple & quick installation, no commissioning required
  • Self-cleaning cycle, easily removable spray arms & filters together with a pressed wash tank
  • Double skinned door drastically reduces heat &  sound emissions
  • Self-Diagnostic system for accurate fault finding & reduced ownership costs
  • Thermostop Function to ensure set rinse temperature is achieved
  • Quality European made built to Eswood specifications
  • Rack Size: W500 x D500 mm
  • Rating: 3.6KW
  • Water Consumption: 2.5L Per Cycle
  • Door entry: 365mm
  • Electric Connection: 15A Single Phase – 240V
  • Weight: 40Kg
  • Dimensions: W575 x D605 x H820 mm

The New Smartwash Range of undercounter dishwasher / glass washer is the first attractive, intelligent, one touch ware washing system in Australia that offers incredibly sustainable results in water and energy consumption.

This professional warewasher offers the first one touch control panel with digital wash and rinse temperature displays for easy HACCP recording for accurate food safety reporting.

These machines are sleek and compact because we know space is of the essence and presentation is key.

Once turned on and up to Temperature operation of the Eswood SW500 Smartwash Automatic Dishwasher is simple and easily operated by Kitchen staff, simply open the door and slide the baskets in, close the door and push the start button.

Once the cycle is completely finished open the door and remove the rack. The Eswood SW500 has 3 cycles 90, 120 & 180 seconds with the ability to wash up to 20 racks per hour.
Only Smartwash offers you a warewasher with one touch control, drain pump fitted as standard, a self cleaning cycle and 3 wash cycle options, offering you an economical and sustainable solution for your business.eswood dishwasher




Eswood Goldstein includes commercial catering products, like commercial dishwashers, glass washers, barbeques, cooktops, Bratt pans, fryers, fan-forced ovens, salamanders, convection ovens, bake ovens, plate dispensers, hot cupboards, target tops, stockpot tables, charbroilers, wok cookers, combi steamers, automated cooking centers, pizza ovens, rethermalizing ovens, pasta cookers, griddles, ranges static ovens, bain maries, teppanyaki plates banquet carts, warmer drawers, steamers, pot washers, pass through dishwashers, under counter dishwashers, and more. Established in 1911, Eswood first began building soda fountains and ice-cream cabinets in Sydney. Over the years, the company has continued to diversify its product line and has become popular for supplying quality industrial cleaning and cooking products. The brand offers a full range of dishwasher models suitable for all types of food establishments, right from a small café to a large facility. Being one of Australia’s leading commercial kitchen equipment brands, all Eswood dishwashers at Snowmaster are extremely durable and long-lasting.

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