Giorik SPGI.2003045 1/6 Square Right Handed Pasta Cooker Basket

Designed for rapid cooking of pasta and noodles, among a variety of other foods, the Giorik 900 / 700  Series Freestanding Pasta Cooker is available in either gas or electric and single or double tank options, ideal for busy kitchens.

The stainless steel construction ensures durability and a high level of hygiene. The unit is equipped with a low-water level safety switch to prevent operation when empty.

Powerful, reliable and efficient, this unit delivers quality performance, every use.

Square 1/6 Square Basket to suit 700 & 900 series Giorik pasta cookers in a left handed handle orientation



Giorik presents a range of combi ovens and salamanders to take your cooking to the next level! Including Giorik Kore, Mini-Touch, MovAir and Steambox ovens.Giorik combi ovens feature a number of patented cooking technologies, including Symbiotic System, Meteo System and Steam Tuner. Since 2020


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