Giorik 900 Series CPE946T 40L + 40L Freestanding Electric Pasta Cooker

Designed for rapid cooking of pasta and noodles, among a variety of other foods, the Giorik 900 Series Freestanding Pasta Cooker is available in either gas or electric and single or double tank options, ideal for busy kitchens.

The stainless steel construction ensures durability and a high level of hygiene. The unit is equipped with a low-water level safety switch to prevent operation when empty.

Powerful, reliable and efficient, this unit delivers quality performance, every use.

  • Class leading, European style, professional quality and reliability since 1963
  • 900 series, pasta cooker with burners positioned external to the tank for ease of cleaning inside
  • Temperature regulation via variable power flame control
  • Low-water level safety switch to prevent operation when empty
  • Manual water fill via integrated tap and spout with water drainage via concealed ball valve inside the base
  • 316 grade stainless steel tanks (2x 340x510mm) for corrosion resistance
  • Robust 304 grade stainless steel construction with rounded corners for improved cleaning
  • Pressed top work surface with raised edges to protect from overflow
  • Enclosed base with front access doors
  • Height adjustable stainless steel feet for a 900mm working height
  • Baskets and lids not included, sold separately
  • 24-month warranty
  • D :800 x 920 x 1054(H)

Giorik provides the highest quality commercial cooking equipment with patented innovative technologies and extreme versatility, all at a competitive price point. Giorik’s class leading, European design and engineering have been operating in the professional food service equipment industry since 1963.

With an extremely successful launch of the Giorik combi oven range and salamanders into the Australian and New Zealand market, the range has been further extended to include a range of modular cooking equipment. The new range includes boiling tops, target tops, cooking ranges, frytop griddles, commercial induction cooktops, commercial char grills, fryers, pasta cookers, bain maries, bratt pans and boiling pans.

Meeting the various needs of the global market, Giorik modular offer sleek and modern solutions, packed with unique features and technology. Configure the perfect line-up by selecting and matching units that fit seamlessly together, creating a custom solution to suit any kitchen.



Giorik presents a range of combi ovens and salamanders to take your cooking to the next level! Including Giorik Kore, Mini-Touch, MovAir and Steambox ovens.Giorik combi ovens feature a number of patented cooking technologies, including Symbiotic System, Meteo System and Steam Tuner. Since 2020

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