Luus RC-45 Traditional Pot Steamers – Rice Roll/Cheung Fun

  • Ideal for ‘cheung fun’ production and other steamingLuusAsian YumChaSteamers
  • 63 mj jet burner with pilot, FFD and piezo ignition
  • Set thermostat to highest setting for max steam output
  • Includes pilot, FFD, piezo and high temp cutout
  • Water purifying overflow system
  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel tank
  • 35 litre tank capacity
  • Cabinet design with convenient front panel controls
  • Supplied with steamer plate and lid
  • 15 month ‘Platinum Warranty
  • Dimensions; 450mm x 800mm x 1100mm H
  • Weight 74kg
  • Gas 3/4” BSP male – 63 Mj

Our range of traditional steamers have been powering Australian yum cha restaurants since 1998! Ideal for steaming high volume of dim sum/cheung fun.

Each unit comes standard with jet burners, piezo ignition, manual tank refill operation, overflow/drainage systems and manual water cooling (YC-1)


LUUS Commercial Catering Equipment

Luus Industries are a family-owned Melbourne based company who design and manufacture equipment for the hospitality industry. Luus cooking equipment is certified Australian Made, and boasts an extensive range of both Western and Asian specific professional equipment.

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