Luus WV-1P1A- Fo San Wok 1 Air-Blast Burner and 1 Side-Pot (LHS)

  • Refined 11th generation Luus superwork design
  • Fan-forced burner generates greater output
  • Intense heat and focused flame targets the wok centre
  • Compact 900mm space saving overall unit depth
  • Natural cooling via insulation and rear flue design
  • 145 mj Air-Blast Burner with 3 mj pilot & FFD standard
  • Electronic auto-ignition switch and burner reset function
  • Fire-brick lined combustion chamber and ceramic base
  • Quarter turn water control lever
  • Folding rear laundry arm with front panel controls
  • Front gutter design for easier cleaning
  • Robust, full skirt, 355mm cast-iron ring
  • Electrical input rated at 220-240V, 10A, 50Hz & 150W
  • Dimensions; 1200mm x 900mm x 1300mm H
  • Weight 200kg
  • Gas 3/4” BSP male – 145 Mj

Inspired by the fast-paced kitchens of Hong Kong, ‘Fo San’ is Cantonese for volcano, representing the raw heat and power generated by the unique burner set-up.

The Luus 11th generation refined superwok WV series boasts fan forced 145mj Air-Blast burners, single piece hob and deck, and are available in one or two hole configurations with optional side burners.


LUUS Commercial Catering Equipment

Luus Industries are a family-owned Melbourne based company who design and manufacture equipment for the hospitality industry. Luus cooking equipment is certified Australian Made, and boasts an extensive range of both Western and Asian specific professional equipment.

spec sheet

Luus-WV-Fo-San-Wok-1200-WV1A1P-WV1P1A-Spec-Sheet (1)


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