H500 Air Box The automatic start-up on our industrial dishwasher UPster? H means it cleans with full convenience as well as full power. Wave goodbye to clouds of steam and poor air quality in the scullery with the power package. Instead, make space for serving dishes, large plates and trays in the dishwasher with a passing height of 440 mm. csm Hygiene made by MEIKO 1920x472 EN 53be923270 1





The optional AIRBOX AKTIVAIR won’t let the steam escape!

  Meiko H500 passthrough dishwasher Large wash ware such as large plates, platters or trays are no problem for the UPster® H 500 M1 industrial dishwasher. meiko h500

The UPster® H 500 M1 features pass through technology for even more power and maximum convenience.

It offers consistent power and wash convenience at reasonable prices. No clouds of steam when you open the hood of the dishwasher, plus convenient automatic start-up. 

MEIKO commercial dishwashers come in various models that can be tailored to your needs. Whatever your requirements, MEIKO can offer hood-type or pass through commercial dishwashers that provide the perfect solution. The intelligent design of MEIKO’s commercial dishwashers opens up an almost unlimited range of possible configurations, from linear pass through systems to space-saving corner models. meiko h500

Suitable for many different environments including:

• bars and restaurants
• hotels
• catering companies and cafeterias
• residential care homes.  meiko upster h500 pass through dishwasher

Whatever your needs, we can help you find the most effective layout for your wash-up area based on our extensive range of options.

  • Capacity: Up to 40 baskets/hr
  • Entry height: 440 mm
  • Hood vents to the rear
  • Machine starts automatically
  • Deep-drawn wash tank can hold 22 litres
  • Sloped hood ceiling and surrounding drip channel
  • Hygienic safety with digital temperature displays
  • Easy-clean interior
  • Eco-filter system for optimum washing results
  • 3 program running times
  • Machine and hood are double walled
  • Water consumption: 3 L/basket
  • Tank content: 22 Litres
  • Basket dimension: 500 x 500 mm
  • Program cycle: 90; 150; 240 seconds
  • Theoretical basket capacity: 40; 24; 15 baskets /hr
  • AirBox AktivAir vapour condensation hood
  • Centralised vapour management
  • Significantly reduces the amount of steam released
  • Keeps steam away from machine operators
  • Built-in condensate drain
  • Steam extraction initiated by dishwashing program
  • Continues running for specified time after program finishes
  • No filter technology, maintenance free
  • WARRANTY: 12 months Parts and Labour
  • Power: 400V; 8.9kW; 20 A
  • Dimensions: 635 x 750 x 2338mm(H)
Dimensions 750 × 635 × 2338 mm


MEIKO Commercial Dishwasher

Discover the full range of Meiko professional warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology. You can choose between features such as a single or double rack commercial dishwasher and compact or full sized commercial dishwashers. Meiko under bench and passthrough dishwashers are the most recommended industrial dishwashers in Australia. We ship across Australia: Meiko Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle & Wollongong.

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Rack dimension 500 x 500 mm (540 x 50 mm
Passing height 440 mm
Dimensions (W x Hmin x D) 635 ( 687) x 1520 x 750 (850) mm (mit Haubenbüge mm
Programme cycle 90 / 150 / 240 s
Rack capacity/h (theoretical) 40 / 24 / 15 racks/h
Tank filling 22,0 l
Rinse water volume 3 liters/cycle
Total connected load 8,5 kW
Local fuse protection 20 A
Boiler heating 7.50 kW / 10.83 A
Tank heating 2.00 kW / 8.70 A
Wash pump 0.75 kW / 4.80 A
Protection class of the machine IP X4


12 month parts & labour



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