Moretti Forni S125E/3/L Triple Deck Oven on Prover

The greatest advantages of baking pizzas, long leavened products, and pastries with SERIE S are: perfect baking quality, maximum versatility with specific and modular baking chambers, the highest energy saving and the lowest environment impact in its category.

Moreover, technologies and programs like Weekly Power-On Timer help simplify baking processes even for less skilled users, reducing labor costs and saving time for other preparations.

Thus, work is more efficient and organized.

  • Capacity (Ø35cm) : 30
  • Complete with: fume capturing hood, single chamber & stand
  • Stainless steel construction with high-density insulation
  • Colour Multilanguage LCD display
  • Sandblasted baking floor
  • Reinforced double internal lighting
  • Max temperature 450˚C
  • 100 baking programs & double timer
  • Standby, boost and half load functions
  • Turn on timer and cleaning mode
  • Chamber Dim : 1245 x 1265 x 160
  • Ext. Dim : 1660 x 1973 x 2030
  • Power (Per Deck) 415V, 3N, 17.3kW, 25A
  • Prover Power 240V, 1N, 1.5kW, 6.3A

Serie S – Made in Italy by Moretti Forni

Power consumption reduced by 35% thanks to its exclusive technologies: an energy saving never seen before in a traditional oven, with a baking speed increased by 20% and a maximum temperature of 450°C.

The multifunctional oven par excellence! SERIE S as a unique tool ideal for your business: pizzerias, bakeries, pastry, restaurants, hotels, catering, and Mass Market Retailers.

Low consumption and perfect baking in total safety.

A wide range of accessories and specific baking chambers available to customize your ideal electric oven for your business according to your needs.
It is possible to choose from 5 baking chamber dimensions and 2 finishes:
SERIE S Steel has a remarkable style with brushed stainless-steel surfaces for the maximum ease to clean and empowered illumination for excellent internal vision.

Ideal installation inside laboratories, also on sight for a contemporary style, oven

SERIE S Icon is characterized by iconic finishes of high-quality materials, oak wood for handles and hood with increased steam extraction by 32%.
Ideal installation on sight as design element.

How many products is it possible to bake with SERIE S deck oven?

In a single baking chamber, SERIE S bakes up to*:

  • 28 trays (60x40cm) per hour;
  • 240 traditional pizzas (Ø30) per hours;
  • 80 family pizza (Ø45) per hour;
  • 10 kg/h of bred;
  • 36 panettoni (1kg) per hour;
  • 254 croissant/h

* data referred to 1 baking chamber SERIE S model S125


Moretti Forni

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