Pitco BNBSG14S/PFW1 Bread and Batter Station With Heat Lamp Dump Station

To be used with the Solstice Fryer line. Unit can be installed on either side or between fryer(s). Design to match existing or accompanying fryers. Pan area allows for holding and draining of finished product.

  • Bread and Batter Station with Heat Lamp
  • Cabinet Stainless steel front door
  • Tank – Stainless Steel
  • Galvanised sides and back
  • Recess Pan 4-5/8” (11.75 cm)
  • Removable drain screen
  • Removable basket hanger, requires no tools
  • 9” (22.9 cm) adjustable legs, easier access to clean
  • Bottom Shelf
  • Electric Connection: 240V / 3 Amp
  • Dimensions (mm): 397w x 875d x 1307h




To deliver world class cooking solutions through empowered people, disruptive innovation, and advanced technology.
Pitco is the industry leader in fryers and oil management. For over 100 years Pitco has been producing quality long lasting frying solutions and is first to the market with the newest technology. Pitco manages to meet the needs of small businesses and large chains alike making them the most recognized fryer brand in the world. Pitco fryers are made to last the test of time and help produce the highest quality in fried foods all while managing oil costs as efficiently as possible. Innovative and advanced features create an Integrated Oil Management system. Reduced oil volume, auto filtration, infinity touch control, and SOS SmartOil sensor work in unison to provide measurable cost savings and noticeably improved food quality. Controls offer data capture capability, multi-language menus, and on-demand, how-to video storage. All designed to educate your team on the proper Integrated Oil Management processes. We want your customers to have the best fried foods imaginable, and our goal is to help you make that possible.

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