Sigma SPZ AUTOMATIC – Sprizza Automatic Pizza Moulder 440mm

The Sprizza reproduces the manual skill of a pizzaiolo (pizza-maker) as closely as possible by imitating their delicate handling.

The original protected microrolling system, patented, developed in order to knead the dough in the same way as the hands of an expert would without the necessary skill. The exceptional performance of the machine is to achieve cold dough with the same kind of rim as would be obtained by a skillful pizza-maker, without any alteration.

The machine is really easy and practical to use and the portions of dough are always perfectly flattened.

  • Production: 200-250 Pizzas per hour
  • Max Diameter: 440mm
  • Structure in painted stainless steel
  • Cold system for spreading the pizza dough
  • Patented micro-rolling system
  • Cloth surface to avoid sticking and mis-shape
  • Pull out bottom plate for quick processing
  • Digital control with 20 programable recipes (set thickness and press time)
  • Automatic start and stop according to program
  • Power: 240V, 1N, 750W, 4A
  • Made in Italy
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Dimensions (mm): 503w x 724d x 768h

The new automatic “Sprizza” reproduces the same rigorously patent – ed, special protected micro rolling system of the manual model, the characteristic of which is the worldwide appreciated delicacy without equal. The automatic version has the goal to face high production requests and to reduce the operator dexterity as much as possible. It spreads the dough perfectly using a “cold system”, keeping the air spaces developed during the dough rising. It can reach diameters until 48-50 cm and is suitable both for single pizzeria and for chains of pizzeria. Its hourly production can exceed 250 pieces. The simple control panel gives the possibility to set 20 different recipes, accord – ing to which you can choose the final wished dough thickness and rounding time. The machine is equipped with a lower pull-out drawer, that allows to put dough balls in and to take them out quickly. The operator has just to press the two start push buttons and the machine does the complete work by itself. Thanks to the special electronics and the simplicity of use, the Automatic Sprizza is the precise and ver – satile partner, which guarantees reliability, high quality and spreading regularity



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