Skope ReFlex RF7.UPR.1.SD 1 Solid Door Upright Food Storage Fridge

Skope ReFlex Series

Meet the most flexible upright fridge in food storage. ReFlex leverages the power of SKOPE-connect to let you switch between ideal temperature settings at the touch of an app. This 1 door fridge also offers typical SKOPE durability and power economy in a small footprint.

Features & Benefits

Unlock the power of SKOPE-connect, including its enhanced “product type” pre-sets, simply press a button to switch between general food safe, poultry, red meat, fresh seafood, live seafood, dairy and desserts temperature ranges

304 Stainless Steel body and SKOPE design quality ensure tough durability for back of house duties

Reduce costs with cutting-edge power economy

Experience peace of mind with a that has virtually no impact on the environment

Easy-to-service refrigeration cartridge system

Premium-look contemporary design promotes usability and modern working environment for staff

Stainless steel benchtop as standard


Skope Fridges & Freezers

Skope refrigeration is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Fridges & Freezers with a global reputation for high-performance efficiency, reliability, and design innovation. For more than 50 years the company has led the local market by continually raising the bar, on what Australian Restaurants, Cafe's and foodservice businesses should expect from their Skope fridges & freezers.

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