SUPRA Boning Knife Curve Blade SEMI-STIFF 13cm – Red

Supra Boning Knives – The professional’s choice for precision cutting.

Ambrogio Sanelli Supra Boning Knives

Ambrogio Sanelli Supra knives are designed expressly for professional use, but that doesn’t mean they’re not excellent for home chefs too! Here’s why you might want to consider adding a Supra boning knife to your kitchen:

  • High-Quality Construction:

      • Nitro-B Stainless Steel: Blades are made with special nitrogen-boosted stainless steel for superior sharpness, edge retention, and resistance to corrosion.
      • SEBS Handles: Ergonomic handles are slip-resistant, hygienic, and comfortable during extended use.
    Professional Performance
    • Choice of Flexibility: Supra boning knives come in semi-stiff or semi-flexible options for greater control while deboning different types of meat.
    • Precision Curved Blade: The curved blade design is perfect for maneuvering around bones, joints, and through meat with ease

      Safety & Hygiene:

      • Sterilizable Materials: All materials are designed to be easily sterilized and can withstand high temperatures.
      • EU Food Hygiene Compliant: Supra knives meet the strict standards for food safety set by the European Union.
      • NSF Certified: They are certified by NSF International, confirming their high quality and suitability for food prep.
    • Options for Your Supra Boning Knife

      • SUPRA Boning Knife Curve Blade SEMI-STIFF 13cm – Red
      • Ambrogio Sanelli SUPRA Boning Knife Curve Blade Semi-Flex 15cm


Ambrogio Sanelli

Innovative range of professional knives with handles made of two different materials and blades manufactured with special NITRO-B stainless steel with nitrogen (1.4916). This new handle has a PP core, strongly connected with the stainless steel, coated with a thick layer of a softer SEBS. The two parts are moulded together to form a perfectly solid handle and the external grey layer has ergonomic protruding dots to enhance anti-slip properties, for the maximum comfort and efficiency. All materials are non-toxic, sterilizable, dishwasher safe, resistant to high and low temperatures and complying with the most updated EU regulations for items intended to be in contact with food.


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