Turbo Air KURF18-3 Three Solid Door Dual Temperature Undercounter Refrigerator & Freezer – 1800mm

  • Turbo Air KURF18-3 Three Door Undercounter Fridge/Freezer
  • Dual Temperature System
  • Exterior & interior stainless steel construction
  • Digital temperature control system
  • Heavy-duty compressor
  • Self-closing and staying open door
  • Efficient refrigeration system R290
  • Round corner design
  • 3 shelves in total
  • Recessed door handle
  • Door locks standard
  • Interior LED lighting standard
  • Self-contained system
  • 3″ swivel castors front locking wheels
  • Temperature Range 1c to 8c / -12c to -21c
  • Ambient 38C
  • 314Ltr Volume
  • W1800mm x D700mm x H850mm
  • Weight 120Kg
  • Warranty; 3 Years Parts & Labour

KURF18-3 model is an undercounter dual temperature preparation table. It includes a freezer with a storage capacity of 151 litres and a chiller with a capacity of 314 litres.

The model counts 3 solid doors with one shelf for each door. The digital control feature will make it easier for you to use this model.


Turbo Air Fridges & Freezers

Turbo Air Fridges & Freezers are an Australian branded commercial refrigeration company with factories in the USA, Korea, and China. It has branches in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Turbo Air Inc is one of the leading commercial refrigeration suppliers in the Australian market and has been in operation for almost a decade now.

Turbo Air Australia

Turbo Air refrigerators are now hydrocarbon refrigerant charged which means they are environmentally friendly, chill or freeze contents much quicker and run a lot more efficiently thereby reducing the electricity consumption drastically to save you money on electricity bills. Their refrigerators will work toward achieving the highest quality cabinets that run much more efficiently without harming the environment. CKE Sales in Sydney is a leading supplier of commercial refrigerators.

Turbo Air Undercounter Fridges

Turbo Air Inc is committed to keeping the environment eco-friendly by manufacturing cabinets with hydrocarbon refrigerants. Hydrocarbon is another name for R290, natural or the ‘new’ gas. All under counters and upright units, both with solid doors or glass doors, are available in stainless steel finish. Merchandisers are available in color bond finishes.

Turbo Air Upright Fridges

Are available with an internationally patented Self Cleaning Condenser(SCC) system. This means there is less maintenance for the user: Users do not have to periodically clean the condenser. All their cabinets run 10-45% more efficiently than standard cabinets. Both upright & under bench cabinets are equipped with a digital temperature control system, with a special turbo air chilling/freezing feature. This feature allows freshly stocked contents to be chilled or frozen quicker.

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