Turbochef i3-9500-405-AU Touch Rapid Cook Oven

The i3 oven maximizes throughput and versatility with its large cavity size and ability to cook with most any metal pan up to a half-size sheet pan

  • Integral recirculating catalytic converter for UL (KNLZ) listed ventless operation
  • Independently-controlled dual motors for vertically-recirculated air impingement
  • Top-launched microwave system
  • Stirrer to help ensure even distribution of air and microwave
  • External air filtration
  • Smart menu system capable of storing up to 200 recipes
  • Flash software updates via smart card
  • Single or multiple-temperature interface
  • Vent catalyst to further limit emissions
  • Built-in self-diagnostics for monitoring oven components and performance
  • Power: 9.5kw / 3 Phase
  • Warranty – 1 year parts and labor
  • Cooking dimensions (mm): 493w x 324d x 175h
  • Oven dimensions (mm): 622w x 794d x 540h

Cook Times (Guide only)
Roasted Fish: 2 Minute 30 Seconds
Half-sheet Pan Omelette or Frittata: 2 Minute 30 Seconds
Pan-seared Fish Fillets (2-4): 2 Minute 35 Seconds
Potatoes au Gratin: 3 Minute 30 Seconds
Roasted Mixed Vegetables: 4 Minutes




THE GLOBAL LEADER IN SPEED COOKING TECHNOLOGY. With more ovens in more categories, Turbochef have an oven for your application. Implementing a TurboChef oven into your foodservice operation would be incomplete without exceptional support. From global, factory-trained technical support to a culinary team that can help you discover all the benefits of rapid cooking, we’ve got you covered. With innovation and top performance in mind, TurboChef has redefined cooking efficiency by designing rapid-cook ovens that are versatile, user-friendly, and save energy. TurboChef speed-cook ovens fit virtually every cooking application, offering high-quality results, superior cook speeds, and UL®-certified ventless operation. Over 325,000 ovens built, installed, and supported in over 90 countries.

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