Unox CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ COMPACT ONE XECC-0523-E1RM Electric Combi Oven

CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ is the new line of professional ovens that will allow you to gain creative freedom while keeping complete control of the cooking process.
With the Unox CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ COMPACT ONE XECC-0523-E1RM combi oven, you can roast, grill, steam and bake bread as well as oven-baked products.
• Capacity : 5 GN 2/3
• Distance : 67 mm
• Frequency : 50 / 60 Hz
• Dimensions (mm) : 535W x 662D x 649H
• One Electric option only
• Voltage : 230 V ~ 1N / 400 V ~ 3N
• Electrical power : 5,2kW (10 amp – 3 ph)
• Weight (kg) : 55
• Manual cooking modes + advanced and automatic cooking programming
• Store up to 256 user’s programs with possibility to assign name and picture to each program
• LCD touch screen
• Door-integrated LED lights
• High performance thermal insulation
• High durability carbon fibre door lock
• High strength, self-lubricating door hinges
• Triple internal glass
• Forced humidity extraction
• Lateral support
• Special fan to reduce baking time
• AIR.Maxi™ technology, improving the air distribution in the cooking chamber
• Protek.SAFE™ technology, allowing thermal insulation and safety
Note, the price of the oven includes a Unox specified water filtering system + a first installation kit + 2 x 1L double concentrate DET&RINSE™ PLUS.


Unox Combi Oven

Unox Australia makes sure the services offered to the customers are backed by 24/7 customer support. Their combi ovens and convection ovens are loved by thousands of chefs across the country. We offer an array of Bakertop & Cheftop combi ovens for sale at wholesale prices. Browse through our range and choose the model that best suits your commercial kitchen needs.

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