Unox Bakerlux SHOP.Pro XEFT-03EU-ELDV 3 Tray LED 600×400 Elena Convection Oven with Humidity

  • Capacity: 3 Tray; 600 x 400
  • Convection baking adjustable temperature: 30 °C- 260°C
  • Maximum preheating temperature: 260°C
  • 99 Programs
  • Convection baking with humidity andadjustable temperature: 48 °C- 260°C
  • Manual Drop-down door opening
  • 3 cooking steps; 12 Quick Programs
  • AIR.Plus Technology: 2 speeds of ar flow in the chamber
  • Multiple fans running in reverse
  • STEAM.Plus technology: mixed convection-humidity baking
  • DRY.PLus technology: Extracts humidity from the baking chamber
  • MAXI.Link technology: allows to create units with 2 stacked ovens
  • Protek.SAFE technology: maximum thermal efficiency and working safety
  • Motor stopped when door is opened to limit energy loss
  • INFINITE continous operation
  • Tray supports in chrome plated steel
  • Lightweight heavy duty structure using innovative materials
  • Sealed control panel
  • Door opened switch
  • Easy t clean openable internal glass panel.
  • Temperature limiter for safety
  • Power: 230V; 3.5kW
  • Warranty: 12 months Parts & Labour
  • Dimensions: 800 x 811 x 427[h] mm
  • Weight: 46 kg


Unox Combi Oven

Unox Australia makes sure the services offered to the customers are backed by 24/7 customer support. Their combi ovens and convection ovens are loved by thousands of chefs across the country. We offer an array of Bakertop & Cheftop combi ovens for sale at wholesale prices. Browse through our range and choose the model that best suits your commercial kitchen needs.

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