Who is MEIKO


MEIKO is a German manufacturer of commercial dishwashing equipment, including dishwashers and glass washers. Their products are designed for commercial kitchens such as restaurants and hotels. They offer a range of models with different features and capabilities, such as different wash cycles, loading capacities, and energy-efficient options. MEIKO is known for their high-quality, durable, and reliable equipment.

Why Choose A MEIKO Commercial dishwasher

In the industrial dishwashing market, MEIKO is a reputable brand that is widely known for its high-quality, dependable, and lasting equipment. MEIKO commercial dishwashers may be preferred over rivals for a variety of reasons, some of which are as follows:

German engineering: MEIKO, a German business, is known for its attention to detail and precision engineering. Their dishwashers’ design and construction quality reflect this.

Energy-saving: MEIKO commercial dishwashers are built with energy-saving features, which can help businesses cut operating expenses. Additionally, they have a number of ENERGY STAR certified versions.

Innovative technology: MEIKO’s commercial dishwashers come with a variety of cutting-edge features and technologies, including automatic detergent dosing systems, self-cleaning filters, and intelligent wash programmes.

Variety of models: MEIKO provides a variety of models to accommodate the needs of various styles and dimensions of commercial kitchens, each with a different loading capacity and set of amenities.

Excellent post-sale support: Meiko has a well-established international network of service and support centres that offer expert post-sale support to its clients.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that MEIKO commercial dishwashers, like any brand, might not be the ideal choice for every kitchen. To choose the brand and model that best suits your demands and budget, you can get in contact with our specialists at CKE Sydney. 

What type of commercial dishwashers Do MEIKO manufacture 

MEIKO provides a selection of commercial dishwashers made for use in commercial kitchens. Meiko offers a variety of commercial dishwashing models, including the following:

Dishwashers that are intended to be installed beneath a counter or work surface are known as under-counter dishwashers. They are frequently utilised in kitchens with limited space and smaller layouts. To meet various purposes, they come in a variety of sizes and capacities.

Dishwashers with hoods: These dishwashers have a hood that covers the dishes as they are being washed, shielding them from spills and steam. In busy kitchens where dishes need to be washed fast and effectively, they are frequently utilised.

Dishwashers with racks for storing the dishes are referred to as rack-type dishwashers. They are frequently used in large kitchens where numerous dishes must be washed simultaneously.

Dishwashers with a conveyor-like design, or “flight type” dishwashers, are used to wash dishes. In large kitchens where a lot of dishes need to be washed fast and effectively, they are frequently used.

Different wash cycles, loading capacity, and energy-efficient choices may be available with different MEIKO commercial dishwasher models. It’s crucial to decide which kind of commercial dishwasher best suits your requirements and financial situation

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