Bromic IM0043SSC Self Contained Solid Cube Ice Machine 37Kg/24Hr

Bromic’s Self-Contained 37kg Solid Cube Ice Machine provides premium quality cubes that are perfect for beverage-focused applications. Individually creating large, crystal clear cubes that maximise liquid displacement while cooling quickly, this self-contained unit excels underneath or above counters and are available in a range of sizes.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Low power and water consumption
  • 3 Year parts warranty
  • 1 Year labour warranty
  • Ice Cube Size: 22W x 22D x 22H mm
  • Max Ambient Temp: °C40
  • Ice Production (kg/24hrs): 37
  • Internal Ice Storage Capacity: 20kg
  • Refrigeration Power: 530W
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Water Consumption: 3.10(L/h)
  • Legs: 89mm
  • Weight: 52Kgs
  • Dimensions: W485 x D575 x H816 mm

The IM0043SSC model features highly reliable Italian engineering and design. A combination of a sleek, box-type design which maximises space, and retractable doors which minimise profusion, makes it ideal for small-space applications such as bars and cafes. It can be fitted under the counter for more streamlined work areas. For such a compact unit, ice production can reach well up to 37kgs. per day.

Besides the good looks, the IM0043SSC Ice Machine also has inbuilt first-class technology to match. It features a stainless steel internal and external construction that resists corrosion and makes cleaning a breeze. Plus, its materials are treated with antimicrobial technology to ensure hygiene.



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