Fagor SBE7-10I 700 Series Electric Bratt Pan 9kw 3 Phase 50L

TILTING BRATT PAN General Characteristics

– Laser-cut joints, automatic welding and polished. Hidden screws.
– Lever system to raise the well. The well can be raised until it is vertical to drain it
– Entire machine structure made of stainless steel.
– Well designed with rounded corners and no edges, with a large opening for unloading to facilitate all cooking and cleaning operations.
– The great thickness of the well base (10 mm) guarantees even heat distribution.
– Well filled with water through a solenoid value which is operated by a switch on the front of the machine. The filling pipe is located at the back of the machine.
– Double-walled lid with a draining rack at the back to redirect condensation water towards the well interior.
– The closed lid is the same height as surface tops of the range and since it does not have any protruding element or
reinforcement, it can be used as a worktop.
– Compensation system to prevent sharp falls.
– Front access lid handle.
– Electrically heated using stainless steel heating elements located below the base of the well.
– Gas heating with high-efficiency stainless steel burners made of four tubes which are activated and controlled by a safety valve with a thermocouple.
– Thermostatic temperature control of the well floor, between 50 and 300 °C.
– Heating through burner tubes or electric heating elements located in the base of the well with, together with the great thickness of the well base, ensure maximum uniformity in heat distribution in all cases, guaranteeing consistent cooking.


  • Counterweighted folding lid.
  • Stainless steel tubular burner controlled by solenoid valve and thermostat temperature control (50 °C to 315 °C).
  • Pilot lights to indicate the heating.
  • Stainless steel pan.
  • Manual tilt system.
  • Water feed by electrovalve.

Tank Material: Stainless Steel
Raising System: V (Pan elevated with wheel)
Capacity: 50L
Surface(Dm): 27
Electric Power: 9kw


2 Years Parts and Labour + 2 Years Parts only Warranty with Product Registration within 14 Days of Invoice



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