FED HTS1500 Refrigerated Open Display Fridge

HTS1500 Refrigerated Open Display
Refrigerated • 2 to 8°C
• Aspera Compressor
• Dixell temp. controller with digital display
• Ambient 28ºC & 75% RH
• Five display levels
• Flouro lighting for maximum sales impact
• Transparent PVC night curtain
• Auto defrost
• Automatic condensation evaporation
• Double glazed side panels
Water drainage must be installed

Product Dimensions ( D x W x H mm): 750 x 1560 x1978



F.E.D is the top most commercial kitchen equipment importer in Australia. The brand imports exclusive and professional range of commercial food equipment, commercial refrigeration, pizza oven, catering, kitchen equipment, furniture, tableware, and cookware. FED is an Australian and New Zealand company having their headquarters in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Victoria, Western Australia, and New Zealand. FED is a renowned name associated with quality, reliability, and great customer service. CKE brings you a wide range of FED equipment, ranging from cooking appliances to gas and electric ovens, dishwashing machines, and more.

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