Jasper JA-2DB-N Double Wok Range Burner

  • Waterless wok
  • 14″ wok hole
  • Flame failure protection with pilot
  • High splash back with shelf
  • Gas Mark approval
  • Heavy Duty frame
  • Duck Bill or Chimney Burner Available
  • Available in NG or LPG
  • Natural Gas: 200 Mj/hr
  • LP Gas: 180 Mj/hr
  • Dimensions: W1200 x D900 x H1180 mm

Crafted with a sturdy stainless steel build, these waterless wok burners guarantee exceptional durability even in the busiest of culinary settings, making them a chef’s trusted ally. The presence of a single 14″ wok burner hole ensures that every ingredient in your wok experiences consistent and precise cooking. Whether your culinary expertise lies in the creation of exquisite stir-fry dishes or other delightful wok-based masterpieces, the Jasper wok burners consistently deliver, enabling you to attain culinary perfection.



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