Mecnosud DRM1040 Dough Roller 40cm Parallel

The ideal machine to roll out only cold dough for the preparation of pizzas, bread, pasta for first courses, flat loaves and cakes and others of various forms obtaining the thickness and diameters required.

Idea for professional use for small and medium production.

• Dough Roller 40cm Parallel
• Dough portions of 100g – 700g
• Safety guards
• Stainless steel body
• Weight 45kgs
• Dimensions 520 (W) x 450 (D) x 750(H)
• Power 0.375kW 0.5hp, 240V
• 12 Months Warranty ( back to base )
• Foot pedal included

Pizza Dough Rollers 

Commercial pizza dough rollers available sourced for, Mecnosud are super easy to use. Create your popular pizzas, tortillas, and flatbreads, with the help of a pizza dough roller.
Buy an automatic pizza dough roller to serve quickly, keeping up with the rush hours, ensuring your kitchen can produce an unlimited number of pieces of dough every hour.
To use this equipment, place the dough balls through the pizza dough rollers and make the even and consistent results every time you use it.
The best thing about this equipment is it’s designed carefully so that you can place it at your countertop for easy use.
Save time hand-rolling out or hand-spinning dough which will save you valuable prep time. Mecnosud pizza roller will make your pizza more consistent in thickness and diameter, which will make your food look more professional.



Mecnosud is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of spiral dough mixers, fork mixers, dough rollers & all food preparation equipment across Australia. These kitchen supplies are necessary for any food establishment. Mecnosud spiral dough mixers and rollers are manufactured from superior quality materials like stainless steel, which provides resistance from corrosion. Prepare delicious, mouthwatering dishes for your customers with the help of Mecnosud food preparation units.

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