The M-iClean UM glass washer is a valuable equipment to any dishwashing area. Cleaning large washware will not be a problem. The spacious external dimensions of 600 x 700 mm and an entry height of 315 mm make the M-iClean UM especially suited to wash any washware. The design features an LED indicator handle with a smart colour concept. One look at the M-iClean UM handle tells you exactly what it is doing. The display is also a powerful eye catcher, especially if you use the Private Label option to showcase your logo.

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Highly efficient, reliable, and delivering perfect results—all of that pays off in the actual world. That is what the M-iClean U is there for. We designed it to set a higher standard, and for that it uses a complete range of innovative warewashing technology and more. Part of that is the MEIKO blue operating concept that could not be easier to use. Efficiency, safety, and design come together, making human-machine communication as intuitive as it can be.

Heat recovery is also a key feature in our new M-iClean U undercounter dishwashers, ensuring optimal cooling of the machine walls using a large stainless steel surface combined with a supply of cold fresh water. The resulting condensation effect promotes many advantages:

Product Description

  • Top-class bistro dishwasher
  • Handle with LED illumination and colour-coded status display
  • Touch display made from hygienic safety glass
  • Program progress indicator with high resolution
  • TFT colour graphic display
  • Intuitive operation-blue operating concept
  • Interior lights up when door is opened
  • Bluetooth interface
  • M-Clean filter-active filter system
  • Stainless steel detergent and rinse aid lines inside the unit
  • Water consumption: 2.4 L/basket
  • Tank content: 11 Litres
  • Entry height: 315mm
  • Basket dimension: 500 x 500 mm
  • Programme cycle: 90; 120; 180 s
  • Theoretical basket capacity: 40; 30; 20 baskets /hr
  • Tank heating: 2kW; Boiler heating: 2kW
  • Pump capacity: 0.5 kW
  • Includes full connection kit
  • WARRANTY: 12 months Parts and Labour
  • Power: 230 V; 2.7kW; 16 A
  • Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 855mm(H)


  • Faster: 30 seconds faster per wash cycle* – relative to the preceding model
  • More efficient: up to 21 % energy savings* meiko under bench dishwasher
  • Better ergonomics: up to 80 % less steam* – meaning a better indoor climate without steam in the air
  • Better drying result: thanks to the reduction in remaining moisture – by up to 98 %* for dishes and up to 75 %* for glasses
  • AirConceptAirConcept – MEIKO’s innovative approach to air management – recovers the heat from exhaust air to generate top-class air quality. Instead of being released in an uncontrolled manner into the room,meiko undercounter glass washer  the hot steam is recycled to produce thermal energy.This tangibly reduces ambient emissions and improves the indoor climate, making the wash-up area a far more pleasant environment to work in meiko um . Hot exhaust air is returned to the water circuit to supply energy, reducing the machine’s power consumption and achieving substantial energy and cost savings , meiko glasswasher , meiko u 400

    M-iQ AirConcept

    The M-iQ Air Concept is based on innovative air circulation in the machine. M-iQ Air Concept

    • Optimal energy efficiency
    • Uncompromising conformity to DIN Standards
    • No need for a direct exhaust air connection

    Air is circulated from the hot clean area against the working direction to the cool feeding section. When passed through the heat recovery module, energy consumption is reduced to a very low level. The exhaust air volume and temperature means that a direct exhaust air connection is unnecessary.

Dimensions 600 × 600 × 735 mm


MEIKO Commercial Dishwasher

Discover the full range of Meiko professional warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology. You can choose between features such as a single or double rack commercial dishwasher and compact or full sized commercial dishwashers. Meiko under bench and passthrough dishwashers are the most recommended industrial dishwashers in Australia. We ship across Australia: Meiko Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle & Wollongong.

Additional Data




Rack dimension 500 x 500 mm
Entry height 315 mm
Dimensions (W x Hmin x D) 600 x 855 x 600 mm
Programme cycle 90 / 120 / 180 s
Rack capacity/h (theoretical) 40 / 30 / 20 racks/h
Tank filling 11,0 l
Rinse water volume 2,4 liters/cycle
Total connected load 6,9 kW
Local fuse protection 16 A
Boiler heating 6.00 kW / 8.66 A
Tank heating 2.00 kW / 8.70 A
Wash pump 0.50 kW / 3.64 A
Protection class of the machine IP X5


12 month parts & labour


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