PizzaMaster PM 742ED Freestanding Pizza Oven

2 deck, 4 clay hearthstone p/deck modular electric pizza oven. Perfect for bakeries, cafes, takeaway outlets and restaurants

PizzaMaster 722ED freestanding commercial pizza oven for traditional old-world bake results. Versatile and efficient pizza ovens optimised for 14inch pizzas.

Winning Features

  • Effective insulation and low energy consumption
  • High temperature up to 500°C for old-world baking
  • Natural baked clay hearthstone with crisping function
  • Hygienic and easy to clean – not a screw or rivet in sight
  • Independent electronic controls for top, bottom and frontal heat
  • Retractable frontal unloading shelf
  • High power for superior capacity
  • Digital Display and Turbo start function
  • Automatic timer with alarm
  • Sturdy legs with lockable castors
  • Strong, easy-to-open door with ergonomic handle

2 year warranty and local after sale support on all models

Why Choose PizzaMaster?

The largest electric deck oven range in the world 80 different sizes, over 1000 combinations + optional extras and accessories… Contact us to build your own perfect PizzaMaster

For True Artisan Baking
High Temperature Roasting, Baking and Grilling
Tastier Pizzas Breads and Pastries
Genuine Multi-cooking Functionality

Designed to bake, roast, toast and grill a wide variety of foods from breads and pastries to vegetables, shellfish and meats, they are built to last and capable of continuous duty 24hrs/day.



PizzaMaster ovens for every need

BakePartner is a family owned Swedish company specialising in the manufacturing of modern electric deck ovens. The PizzaMaster oven range is the largest in the world with 80 different available sizes and more than 1,000 possible combinations.  PizzaMaster ovens are famous for their high performance and extreme high temperature of up to 500°C. That in combination with a clay hearth stone and patented team system ensures bakers can produce authentic old-world style artisan breads and pastries full of flavour.


SKU BP80058-ED
Model PM 742ED
Exterior Dimension 1835 mm W x 905 mm D x 1825 mm H
Interior Dimensions / deck 1420 mm W x 710 mm D x 210/245 (option) mm H
Max Operating Temp. 400°C (Option 500°C)
Net Weight 450 kg
Volts 3 Phase, 400V
Amps 40
Total kw 25
Hertz 50
Capacity (pizzas / deck) 10 in 15
Capacity (pizzas / deck) 14 in 8
Capacity (pizzas / deck) 16 in 3
Shipping Weight 158.8000kg


PM 742 ED

PM Brochure


PizzaMaster_700series_Technical Specifications_90005_EN_R1C




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